Dental Marketing

The term “dental marketing” encompasses a variety of different venues. This could include print advertising and direct mail, radio and tv commercials, online marketing, social media, community activities, and others. Each of these are unique and helpful in their own way. Some are obviously a better investment than others so be sure to research the possibilities before jumping into an expensive campaign that could end up costing you more than you profit. Popular forms of dental marketing today are online marketing and print advertising or direct mail. Both are beneficial, but online marketing definitely takes the gold on this one! Direct mail campaigns or print advertisements can easily cost several thousands of dollars. An online marketing campaign will end up costing about the same.. just for a years worth of service instead of a one time ad! Also, online marketing is extremely targeted. Engage Marketing gets you positioned online so that potential patients searching for your services in your area can find you over your competition. We often target keywords beyond “dentist” to allow you more coverage and to also bring you the most profit possible. Our process involves looking at your current foundation and researching your competition to provide a plan of action. We will then run a ranking report for a baseline measurement to compare with future reports. Next, we’ll improve the SEO on your website if needed and start pushing links to your site. We’ll continue this on a daily basis while watching your rankings increase over time.

Not sure which form of advertising you want to try? Give us a chance to prove to you that online marketing is definitely the way to spend your advertising budgets these days. If you have any questions, please give us a call today!

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