Dental Internet Marketing

Dental internet marketing is the most important form of advertising and promotion you can do for your dental practice. Other advertising mediums, like print, are slowly declining and can get pretty costly over time. Marketing your practice online can be a much less expensive alternative, yet more profitable, form of getting new patients.

The term “dentist” gets over 2 million searches per month online through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Combine that with several other terms important to your practice and it’s a number so large you can’t afford to ignore online marketing. Trust me, at least one of your competitors is using dental internet marketing in some form or another. The best time to start is now before your competitors get too far ahead of you! Here at Engage Marketing we work with only ONE dental office in each city or area to avoid direct competition. So be confident we are putting 100% into your practice to ensure you get the best results from your advertising dollars. We have developed proven packages that get our clients where they need to be online in order to increase targeted, quality patients.

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